Tuesday, 29 July 2008

This post contains the worst Mike Adamle joke of all time

Ow man how awesome was Raw?! What? What do you mean "No it wasn't. We've seen the worst possible angle of all time"?

The Adamle swerve is a stroke of creative genius. I genuinely mean that aswell. It seems that the IWC collectively thinks that it's stupid. But that's because they're being marks and not smarks.

WWE is trying to move its content to be more realistic, more UFC if you will. By doing it, move-calling by announcers is banned, and good old-fashioned X-Pac heat becomes plain, old heat. Mike Adamle is hated by fans for his poor calling, not knowing wrestlers' names (Jeff Harvey!) and for just being named 'Mike Adamle'. He sucks so much that it wouldn't be unknown for him to be called 'Mike BADamle' (I wrote this entire post on the premise of that awful, awful, diabolical pun. At least I didn't mislead you with the title). Dropping Adamle in as the GM of Raw makes him the biggest heel there! GENIUS!

I don't care what you say, you'll never change my opinion that putting Mike Adamle as the GM of Raw is genius.

I've been desperate for wrestling news all week since the Sandman's arrest and loads has come along today.

First of all, Stephanie McMahon gave birth to her and Triple H's second daughter yesterday/today. She weighs in at about 8 pounds - Snitsky would definitely have the weight advantage there.

Also worthy of note is that Freddie Prinze Jr. has joined WWE's creative team. There's a blog post there waiting to happen.

But the highlight of all wrestling "news" has to be the fact that somebody found my blog this week by searching on Google for "Orlando Jordan nude". The thing that makes this better is that they were directed to a post I made a while back about the Ultimate Warrior - check out the post's heading by clicking here.

Anyway, I'll leave you with an essay question:
Mike Adamle rules. Discuss.

Answers on a postcard.

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The Professional said...

I am still in shock. I read somewhere that Mike was to be fired for his poor commentary. This makes it that much easier to hate the guy. I am reminded of the NWO version of Bischoff.

rock said...

Mike Adamle's new nickname is "The Shark". Because Raw completely jumped it last night. It says something when you can silence a hot crowd like that. WWE managed to take a crowd that was hot for its hometown boy (tista) and the announcement of a main event that quite a few people have wanted to see and make it actually produce a negative (silent) pop. Great job, WWE.

Leighsus Christ said...

Do you know what, I think you're both right.

On the plus side, Michael Cole got the beats.

rock said...

Yes, I too, was very happy about the Michael Cole beating.