Saturday, 19 July 2008

Kane and his sack

Contrary to this blog's title, the post won't be about Kane's mentally scarred scrotum. In fact, today I will be continuing from last week's post, and my thoughts on the current angle on Raw in which Kane's going psycho and, as of this week, carrying a burlap sack with him.

The idea of Paul Bearer making a return is, to be fair, weapons' grade balonium.

In fact, the most logical and sensible theory on the outcome of this angle, is one that I read on a wrestling forum. I was actually shocked that a member of the IWC was able to come up with such a plausible theory.

The theory is that Kane asking "Is he alive or is he dead?" is actually about his former self - the masked, long-haired mute that we all loved. Which may sound stupid, but with Glen Jacobs' past (Isaac Yankem DDS, Fake Diesel and my personal favourite, The Christmas Creature), this would be one of the least stupid angles the man's been involved with. Especially when you think that the Attitude-era's savage mute character was motivated by his lifelong rejection and hideous scarring, only that all turned out to be in his mind - his character being turned into an insecure retard overnight.

The sack that Kane's lugging about and keeping secret about, contains his mask.

An excellent idea. Not only an excellent idea, but one that's backed up by Lance Storm - the man who predicted Triple H's move to Smackdown.

In this month's Fighting Spirit Magazine, Lance wrote the following...
The one thing I would like to see with the return of Kane to Raw was the return of his old look. I'd love to see Kane return to the mask and long hair, and I thought a return to Raw would have been a great time to do it.

So it's official, the Oracle has spoken. An IWC smark comes up with a theory, and Lance Storm, a person who is as respected a pro wrestling writer as he was a pro wrestler, backs him up.

As I'm sure I said last week, this angle's doing it's job because it's got people talking, so the outcome needs to have an excellent payoff.

What are your thoughts on Kane returning to his masked look? Leave a comment and spark a debate you fools!

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miguel said...

I loved the masked Kane and its about time they brought him back. Raw has been a little boring and with the draft the excitement is now building.

Leighsus Christ said...

If he's going to be masked again then I can't wait. He was badass back then. He even moved around the ring in a different way.

You could believe that he was a tortured monster back then. Now he looks like a fat guy with a weird belly-button and a stupid haircut.

Thanks for posting!

rock said...

True nugget of fact. Kane lives in my current hometown. Real nice guy, big as hell, scary as hell, much better gimmick with the mask.

rock said...

Owns a local eatery named Cowboy's.

Leighsus Christ said...

That's one of the most awesome tidbits of facts I've read in a long time. COWBOYS!

Is everything flame-grilled?

Thanks for commenting.

rock said...

Oddly enough it's a seafood place. Also he and D-Lo Brown tried opening a gym but I think it closed. Not sure though.

rock said...

Imagine my surprise upon on learning that Dandridge, TN was indeed Parts Unknown.