Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sandman sends himself to sleep

On Sunday night, former ECW champion The Sandman was arrested in New York City for charges including "second degree assault".

Police were called to a restaurant in NYC when (presumably drunk guessing from that mughsot) Sandman started throwing glasses at staff. When the fuzz arrived, our ECW hardcore "hero" injured two officers when he turned his crosshair onto them.

Since his arrest, the Sandman's been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

While UFC's own 'arrestee' Rampage Jackson (who funnily enough, went on a rampage. Seriously, check that link, it's incredible) apparently "hardly ever drinks" according to UFC boss Dana White, this is most certainly the absolute opposite.

Sandman is possibly in a worse state than Jake "The Snake" Roberts has been in recent years. At least (by most accounts) Jake kept his demons outside of the ring and was professional within it. That's certainly not the case with The Sandman. The video I'm about to post rivals the video of The Great Khali and Giant Silva that I posted almost a year ago in the abomination stakes.

I'm sorry if you sat through that. The greatest thing is the irony of The Sandman falling asleep during the match. He was also going to make the save on his former ECW roster-mate Spike Dudley. However, the save didn't happen for 6 minutes. What an absolute moron.

The video pretty much speaks for itself.

At one point, the person who edited the video asks how much Sandman is being paid. I can tell you for a fact that he asks for $1,450, with $200 of that up front (Source).

It's sad to watch that video. Not because a once great wrestler is appalling in the ring these days, because he's always been an absolutely appalling wrestler (Lord alone knows how he got over). It's not sad because that small indy fed has forked out 2 months' worth of door money to get him to piss all over their show. But it's sad because an individual (regardless of who they are) is selling themselves short and showing themselves up like that.

UPDATE: The whole thing has surfaced on video. You can see it here.

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rock said...

He got over because of a schtick that people liked (the Metallica, the cane , and the guzzling, and the fact that he had good workers like Raven and Dreamer to get him through matches. Anyone who saw him during his WCW run knows how terrible he was there without those guys to work with. I was a big fan of his feud with Raven, but that's only because of just how good Raven was during the storyline. This isn't the first time he's done something like this, if you ever heard about him going to the ring and stripping down naked. Not a good image.

rock said...

Also, have you seen this from 1Wrestling? http://www.1wrestling.com/news/newsline.asp?news=33069

Funny how they ignore that Sandman, as an admitted alcoholic shouldn't have been drinking anyways. Yeah, the barkeep could have probably done a better job, but personal responsibility has to start somewhere.

Leighsus Christ said...

That article's good. The thing that I picked up on though is that he's facing Jake the Snake this week.

Talk about your dream matches!

Malibu Sands said...

Gotta agree with rock, Sandman got and stayed over with ECW's degenerate fan base (of which I'm a card carrying member) strictly because of his ring entrance and hardcore/garbage style. His earlier work against Whipwreck, Dreamer, Raven, Cactus, and arguably Sabu were entertaining enough thanks in part to the talents of those wrestlers and the liberal usage of assorted plunder that masked his wrestling capabilities.

And as rock said, Sandman has been absolutely worthless no matter his foe or the amount of weaponry employed since he jumped to WCW in early 1999. When he returned to ECW in late 1999, his matches with Rhino, Corino The Impact Players etc. were simply atrocious,(it didn't help that he was positioned fairly high up on the card, unlike his WCW run where he was pretty much booked strictly as a garbagey novelty act) as was his most recent stint in WWEECW.

For a true alcoholic, once liquor consumption starts, willpower, personal responsibility, and the ability to stop drinking cease to exist. Based on this incident, the Sandman appears to fit that definition.


rock said...

Jake vs Sandman

The world's first drunk tank match.

Special Ref-Steve Austin

Leighsus Christ said...

Steve Austin special guest referee?

The alcoholics weren't enough? They needed a(n alleged) wife beater too.

rock said...

Ugh. After Monday Night Raw, I'm once again tempted to hand in my pro wrestling card.

Leighsus Christ said...

I think it's excellent. I'm going to be controversial and defend this angle in my next post. Expect it in about 6-7 hours.