Sunday, 6 July 2008

Support your local fed!

Nothing too in-depth or clever about this week's post. I'm just telling you that you need to support your local wrestling company.

A while back, a colleague in work handed me a flier that he'd found in Chester for a wrestling school in the area. Having logged onto the company's website almost immediately, it turned out that this company's next show was only three days away. Better than that, their next show was literally only fifty yards away from my house - I've spat further distances.

Having failed to convince everyone I know to go to the show with me, it was only a small group of us who went. Myself, two friends and my wife (Yes, a wrestling fan with a wife. Unbelievable!).

When we arrived at the venue, it turned out that we were the only people there who weren't with the wrestling company. But rather than feel inhibited, which would only be natural, we were determined to have a good time. The best thing about watching your local grassroots fed is that because of the small numbers in the crowd, you have a direct influence on the show.

This couldn't have been more true than when apparently the company's biggest heel was cutting a promo telling us all how he was going to win a tournament that evening and how easy it was going to be.

"JUST LIKE YOUR MUM!" I interjected.

I believe I just scored a headshot.

Everybody in the building was laughing, including our villainous promo-cutter.

They were thinking of calling the night's show off when nobody turned up. But when we walked in, their boss decided to go through with the show. I can't be grateful enough for that decision. It was one of the best nights out I'd had in a while and it was because I'd near enough just had my own private wrestling show.

The good news for this fed is that, based on my friends' and my testimony, more people have pledged to go to the next show. So things will just grow and grow for this particular company in this venue. But for companies who have barely anybody show up, and those people are inhibited and don't cheer or boo the wrestlers, things can't continue for them and everybody involved loses out whether they be the wrestlers themselves, the wrestling company, the venue the show's at, or good old wrestling fans.

Support your local fed, even if it means forcing reluctant friends. I did it and now they're converted.

I apologise for the lack of frequent humour in this post. It must be because there's a delicate balance between righteousness and hilarity.

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Anonymous said...

Hey good point man. I totally agree with you. I donno what's in my area, and I'm not sure how to find out, but I agree w/ u, how do u think something like TNA got started? It's all about showing up and showing some love for the "sport". Good post man

Leighsus Christ said...

Thanks for posting.

I think TNA got started because it got so much money behind it from the start. It broke even for the first time last year. Its investors were obviously prepared to make a loss for a while in order to make money in the long run.

Thanks for reading!

Jay said...

Thanks for this post Leigh, and i'm sorry it took me so long to find it! But then, it took me long enough to find the venue itself... :-P

You guys made that night for us. Until you walked in, we were on the verge of going home. Thanks again for showing up :-D

Leighsus Christ said...

Thanks for reading and taking the time to post.

I can't wait for the return of Basix in September.

There'll be more of us next time. I'm actually excited already!

Jay said...

Well, 12th september, don't forget!! I'll be on the door :-D