Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Stop the press: Regal suspended!


I sit here astounded. William Regal's been suspended for 60 days because of his second violation of WWE's wellness policy. (Link here)

I'm absolutely shocked. Since when did part-timers need to be jacked up?

Is Regal, whose name has been thrown about in rumours of a full time return to the ring, finding it tough to get back into shape?

Lance Storm puts it absolutely superbly in one of his recent blogs where he tells of how hard he trained just for his one match with Bryan Danielson.
"Being inactive for as long as I had I knew I was going to have to really push myself in order to be able to hang with the work rate standards of ROH."

Jeff Hardy's latest suspension was certainly "RVD-esque" in terms of stupid timing. I might have to say that Regal's suspension today is "Hardy-esque" in its' timing. What an absolute moron.

In other news, Brooke Hogan's apparently losing her sanity and is cracking up.

She's been officially mental according to Hollywood reports since her brother was thrown in the slammer. But the roots lie in the affair that The Hulkster had with one of her close friends, Christiane Plant. Apparently Brooke's really hurt by the affair because of how close she was with her father.

I wasn't really convinced through watching Hogan Knows Best, but the following picture reassured me of their deep bond.

The fact that I used the word "deep" there is disturbing. Even more so when you try to figure out what's in The Orange One's right hand, let alone what he intends to use it for.

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