Tuesday, 13 May 2008

One Weirdo Nation pt. II

I couldn't have predicted it myself. But my sudden increase in posting on this here blog has increased traffic.

However, the way people are finding this blog is bizarre. Most people are looking for pictures of Candice Michelle's skanky foot fetish alter ego Mackenzie Montgomery or Christiane Plant - aka The Hulkster's new tag team partner.

The week started off well with me getting hits from Google from the phrase "Khali killing wrestler". But it slowly descended into an onslaught of searches for an old wrestler's mistress. Until this post, I've not had any pictures of her on this blog. The huge majority of those searches for her picture came through Yahoo and not Google. 'Yahoo' is not a verb for a reason.

Special mention goes to the weirdos who searched for "ashley massaro implicated in escort service busted by the fbi". Something tells me they want very specific results from their searches. Either that or they've not used a search engine before.

So to conclude, if you're reading this, you're either someone with a foot fetish who's out of luck, or a retard.

Happy hunting ya pervs!

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