Wednesday, 26 September 2007

We are saved!

At the Smackdown taping last night, Vickie Guerrero stripped Hornswaggle of the Cruiserweight title. HOORAY! Now let's let the cruiserweights do some WRESTLING and remove the skid-stains left on that belt and try and give it some decorum.

The original Saviour of Wrestling is slated to make a return soon aswell. Here's a promo that aired on Raw...

Can you guess who it is yet?

No, I know, it's nonsensical. However every smark who isn't me somehow guessed it was Y2J. HOW THE FLIP?!

He'll either be returning at No Mercy or Cyber Sunday according to the "clues" in that video". No other smark has speculated as to which brand he'll be joining. I'm guessing Smackdown. The promo was blue DUH! But his book-signing schedule has no dates on a monday, so that puts Raw into the frame. To be honest, there's not a chance that Jericho would be on a show that isn't Raw.

I don't care if Jericho doesn't wrestle you know. As long as he gets TV time and a chance to do promos like the ones below, I'll be happy.


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