Monday, 17 September 2007

Thank God for Dave

I cannot believe it. Batista is the new World Champ. Not only is he the new champ, but he pinned Khali for it. In a triple threat match where Batista could easily have pinned Rey Mysterio, he pinned Khali for the win. This is groundbreaking. Have the WWE bookers finally realized it's time to bury the overgrown amateur? I genuinely hope so.

The way things are going for him, I wouldn't be surprised if Hornswaggle gets a pinfall on the big freak if they were deciding to bury him.

I don't particularly like Dave, and at the moment don't care for that belt. But I'm absolutely over the moon that Dave's the champ. Hopefully a feud with Mysterio will follow. There's no chance Mysterio's going heel as he's too marketable and has too much unique merchandise - the sales of which will decline if he was to turn. A heel Batista? Oooh how tasty.

In other news, Cena gets booed for the stupidest ending to a championship match since Khali retained at Summerslam this year.

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