Wednesday, 3 October 2007


In mental circumstances, John Cena has been stripped of the WWE title after over a year with the strap.

Mick Foley always said that the most painful looking moves are usually the least painful to actually take and vice versa. It comes as no surprise then, that John Cena is out of action for up to a year because of a hip toss.

It's sad to see such a major injury happen in the ring (HIS MUSCLE WAS TORN FROM THE BONE) regardless of the person it happens to.

So what of the WWE title now?

There will be a title match to crown a new champion at No Mercy on sunday night. My guess is that this match will be between Randy Orton and hopefully, fingers crossed, I really hope so, a returning Chris Jericho. But Jericho as a face? Possibly. He was cheered when he first arrived at the WWF when he was talking trash on the company's biggest face.

I usually avoid paying for PPVs as Sky tend to put only the Big Four on Box Office while the rest are on SkySports. WHY IS NO MERCY ON BOX OFFICE?!

Yargh. £15 to see Y2J's return. He's worth it. I'll even avoid wrestling sites the day after to make sure that I see his return as if it were live.

Jesus I'm such a mark.

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