Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Draft

It seems inevitable that, as a pro wrestling writer, I have to make predictions for this monday's WWE Draft.

Lance Storm had some pretty good ideas on his blog earlier this week. Getting Triple H onto Smackdown would be a great way of shaking things up. But to be honest, his dislike of working on Tuesdays has been documented in the past and would certainly get in the way of making WWE TV interesting again. A feud between Triple H and Edge would be spectacular.

ECW's affiliation with Smackdown will be coming to a head next month when it jumps over to be the supporting cast for RAW. This is excellent news for CM Punk marks like myself. A call up to the Raw roster would be excellent for such a talented wrestler. Sticking about on ECW and using his Money in the Bank contract to win the third rate title would be a waste and would devalue the MITB match at Wrestlemania. Why would the wrestlers in the MITB match put everything on the line just to win the chance at the ECW title? They may as well just stick about and job to main eventers for ten years if they wanted that opportunity.

If last year's draft is anything to go by, then it should be about two weeks until the re-shaping of the roster causes an entire re-shaping of the industry and the removal of a human being from history. I would be worried if I was married to somebody who was drafted to ECW tomorrow.

Light on jokes this week perhaps, though my next entry will be looking at the death of Chris Benoit and how the entire wrestling industry has changed in the last year. So you know, more jokes are to be had in the next blog for sure!

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rock said...

I've given up hope that Punk will get a decent push. I think the only push any of the younger guys are going to get is the one that HHH gives them back down the ladder. I've been a fan since I was a kid, but when I watched the first million dollar giveaway I really thought that I was watching WWE's "jump the shark" moment.

Leighsus Christ said...

I know what you mean. Things need to change quite drastically in a hurry. They're still making money though so there's no real desire to change things so quickly.

Thanks for linking to me by the way! It's reciprocated.

rock said...

No problem, I'll take about any chance that I can get to talk rasslin'. I've been a fan since I was about five and I sneak in a post on my site now and again when I think that I can get away with it.