Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Before works, there were shoots

I can't believe it. I was watching my television with my mouth agog. Astonished at what I'd just witnessed. The beginnings of a feud that I actually wanted to watch.

If you'd seen No Way Out, you'd know that I was talking about The Big Show getting served a great big slice of broken-nose pie.

The speed with which Mayweather and his posse left the arena, the fact that him and his fifty-strong posse were wearing identical clothes, and the way that Shane appeared as if from nowhere to cut off The Big Show left me thinking that the way things panned out was according to the script. Except our 7-foot friend wasn't given the same script.

I think it all went according to plan (for The Big Show anyway) up until he kneeled down. Maybe a bitchslap was what he was expecting. But Mayweather would obviously not want to go along with that so as to maintain his reputation. Hence a secret compromise with the writers. The sharp exit with about a hundred Mayweather lookalikes leaves a chase from Show a losing battle for the big guy.

Shane appearing to cut him off at the pass adds to my suspicion that this was a shoot. Shane and Show have worked approximately five thousand angles throughout their careers and have become good friends. If anyone could talk him out of chasing someone to pummel them to death, it would be one of his best friends (Who happens to also be his boss).

I only have one reason to think that this wasn't actually a shoot. Despite that, it's a biggie and definitely out-weighs the factors in favour of the whole event being a shoot. The Big Show chased Mayweather. Where, outside of Loony Toons and professional wrestling, does someone who's just been attacked start a chase?

But my disbelief had been suspended for long enough for me to want to watch. Something that's not happened since I was about 12 years old. And yesterday's Raw was a treat too as they seem to be getting their money's worth from Mayweather by replaying Show's nose getting smashed about five hundred times in the two hour broadcast. Huge hype for this storyline. I'm genuinely excited by it.

I'd be even more excited to keep watching this story unfold if Mayweather's allowed on the microphone more often. I had no idea before watching this week's Raw that he loves "Plublicity". Beautiful. In the run up to "Wrestlemlania", I hope that Floyd (real name 'Foyd') gets a chance to lay the smlackdown on The Big Show in such a way that their big match at "The Grand-dladdy of them all" brings in more "Play-per-View" buys than Maria's tlits ever could.

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Anonymous said...

I feel differently about this, the problem is with the WWE is that we really can't know what they'll give us. Mayweather in an ACTUAL boxing fight doesn't stand a chance, he simply can't hurt someone that big, and he'd be down in one good shot from Show. But seeing a fixed fight in which Mayweather knocks him out will really leave me pissed off.