Sunday, 21 October 2007

Too Used

So news broke this week that TNA were in talks with Brian Lawler and Scott Garland. AKA Royal Rumble 2000 interval act - Too Cool.

TNA obviously believe that tag team wrestling isn't dead yet. But they'll do everything in their power to make sure it happens. Why not hire a criminal to do this? And when that fails to kill the tag division, stick to what you're good at and continue re-hiring former WWE and WCW "talent".

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When TNA realises how to be good, WWE will pick up its' game and finally be good. The result? Fans win!


Steffen Peddie said...

Its a shame that TNA is slowly becoming a retread of the Attiture era WWF (it will always be the F to me, not the E!)

I mean you though the Dudleys looked washed up?

This makes them look postivley stellar in comparison

Leighsus Christ said...

I genuinely believe Russo has a career to spite McMahon.