Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Orton ISN'T injured

WWE.com yesterday announced that Randy Orton fell off a motorcycle and re-injured his broken collar bone.

I'm sorry to say it, but that is weapons grade Balonium.

Orton is legitimately injured, but this motorcycle stuff is a load of crap? How am I so sure of this?

Click here or here to see what Randy Orton was actually up to this weekend.

Unless Orton was actually riding his bike on the flight home, then his re-injuring his clavicle is impossible.

My theory is that he's asked to have more time off so that he can spend it with his new family. He's off TV anyway, so why not keep him off TV longer? It's not like ratings hit rock bottom as soon as he was injured.

Plus, why not pull a Cena? Remember how John Cena was destined to miss Wrestlemania XXIV? What a swerve to have him show up three months earlier than planned to win the Royal Rumble!

This is WWE working the marks. There aren't any details about his injury anywhere other than WWE.com. Surely the wrestling rumormill will have been all over this straight away!

WWE creative is being at their most creative.

As Public Enemy said, DON'T BELIEVE THA HYPE!

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