Wednesday, 29 August 2007

ROH movers

Jimmy Rave has signed a deal with TNA. This is awesome. Jimmy's gimmick of the cocky, laid-back, couldn't-give-a-crap heel is fantastic, and I'm so glad he's been picked up. The only thing I'm worried about is that they either don't use him at all (a la Jerry Lynn), or that they use him as a jobber to put over past it WWF/WCW guys who don't need putting over (Homicide much?).

Apparently Rave is scheduled to make his debut at No Surrender in a Tag Team Gauntlet match with Lance Hoyt. I'm guessing he'll have a good showing to encourage a push in the following weeks. Putting him in a tag team is such a safe choice though. Everyone seems to be in a tag team these days. Why not exploit his cockiness as a singles wrestler? If he was that cocky, why would he be teaming up with someone else?

TNA's recent use of talent has become stale and lazy. The only feuds I can think of that are ongoing in TNA are Joe vs. Angle (Will it ever end?) and the upcoming feud between Abyss and Ricky Banderas. THAT'S NOT EVEN A FEUD YET.

Everyone seems to be semi-pissed off at each other for no apparent reason other than to have matches. If the rumours that Joe wants out are true, then I dread to think what will happen if he actually does leave. What will it be? Angle vs. Anyone? The problem is that the mid-card seems to have two tiers. Angle and Joe are the current main eventers, while AJ Styles, Abyss, Christian Cage and Sting seem to be in endless matches with each other that mean absolutely nothing. They're all main event standard, they've proven that, but they're not even in contention for the belt. STUPID BOOKING!

My favourite wrestling rumour of this week though has to be that Brian Gerwitz, head writer for RAW, likes Delirious. That is genuinely fantastic. I would love to hear The Fink doing the introduction "From the Edge of Sanity...". Not Lillian though. She would genuinely suck at it. I mean, positively blow. Nothing against her, I'm sure she's lovely, but her feminine voice pales at the thought of the Fink.

In other news, I saw the greatest match that's ever been on Heat today. Click here to see it.

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