Thursday, 20 December 2007

Normal People?

What do you mean the Pro Wrestling lifestyle leaves people nuts and unbalanced? I mean, that whole "Benoit incident" was a fabrication of the mass media. Chris, Nancy, and whatshisface are living happily in Bermuda. It's just that the media is notorious for mixing up the phrases "moved with his family and started a new life" and "brutally slaughtered them in a fit of ROID RAGE".

You want a well-balanced veteran? Here's yer guy...

Damien Demento.

Damien, or 'Phil' to his mum, had a short-lived professional wrestling career which peaked in the main event of the first ever Monday Night Raw. He was in a match with The Undertaker, to whom he jobbed (You can in fact see that match here). Though if you were to call him a jobber today, he might say something along the lines of the following...

Actually, that's exactly what he'd say. Because that's him. Showing us all that he's OK despite spending several months of his life as a jobber. I do hope that he's saying what he's saying with a dash of irony. Because in all honesty, if your only offence in the biggest match of your life is throwing 4 punches, one kick and an Irish whip, then you my friend, are a jabroni of the highest order.

Someone seems to agree with me, as they created the following and posted it as a response to that very video...

I quite like other people at times like these.

He in fact has a whole string of these video blogs. You can find them here.

The comments people have left for him are wonderful.

Incidentally, I wonder if anyone will ever leave a comment on this blog.

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